SambaYaBamba's 2008 European Tour

sambayabamba on the main stage, Marktplatz, Coburg, Germany. 2008

SambaYaBamba are heading to Connect Festival off the back of an incredible european tour taking in Belgium, the South of France, The Italian Lakes and Bavaria. This is certainly the most ambitious escapade SYB has ever undertaken and indeed in all my years of samba i have never heard of any other European bateria taking on such a grand plan either. 30 sambistas, one bus, 14 gigs, 30 degrees, yaaaaas!

The tour took in the Samba al Pais festival in Negrepelisse near Toulouse and the infamous Coburg Samba Festival in Germany, easily the biggest samba festival outside Brazil. Both France and Germany have much healthier samba scenes than the UK but the drummers from Glasgow managed to delight punters, sambistas and critics alike with our unique drum'n'bass and breakbeat styles alongside our ability to play full and correct Rio style samba.

Now in our 4th year at Coburg, SambaYaBamba is becoming something of a local legend and it's clear to see we are getting better slots and bigger crowds every year. This year we had very well attended gigs on the two main stages which you can see on youtube by clicking here

our chariot awaits!

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