Brazilian Graffiti Superstars to Paint SYB Drum

Os Gemeos, Nina and Nunca painting Kelburn Castle

SambaYaBamba were overcome with emulsion when the world famous graffiti artists Os Gemeos, Nina and Nunca agreed to paint one of their drums!

They are in Scotland to paint the walls of Kelburn Castle near Largs in a very special and large scale art project but couldn't resist turning their spray cans on one of the band's Surdos (bass drums). The São Paulo gang are known for their vibrant contemprary style and the castle is looking absolutely stunning in it's new livery only half way through the project. SYB, the official project band will be playing there again on the 31st May but visitors can go along and check the progress at their leisure as well as enjoy the beautiful grounds.

The band wait with baited breath to see what amazing design the artists will come up with for them. Interestingly the existing drum cladding on the SYB drums is a highly manipulated take on one one of Os Gemeos older pieces.

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Alex was supposed to
Reply #63 on : Wed May 11, 2016, 21:17:40
Alex was supposed to assume she was not serious? why? when alex stated that she would happily deliver that message you din1#&82d7;t hear B say that she was kidding and not to do so. you assume way too much.
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Home run! Great slgu
Reply #61 on : Thu January 07, 2016, 13:39:48
Home run! Great slgunigg with that answer!
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Geez, that's unellie
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Geez, that's unellievabeb. Kudos and such.
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