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Scottish Samba and Brazilian Pipes!
By SambaYaBamba on 12-Nov-08 22:44. 1195 Comments - Click to add a comment

As you may or may not know the Scottish Link Pipe Band from São Paulo are here in Glasgow for the World Pipe Band Championships on Glasgow Green this Saturday. Predictably, SambaYaBamba have been showing them some Glasgow hospitality, mainly the inside of pubs. On Tuesday night we took them down to the painted Kelburn Castle, Largs to see the handy work of their compatriates, Os Gemeos, Nunca and Nina .... And more importantly to have a jam together. Who knew what would happen when a Brazilian Pipe band crossed paths with a Scottish Samba Band! The results were not too disappointing... especially the last quarter where Scotland the Brave takes on a new lease of life over an Olodum samba reggae groove. Here's an mp3 to give you a taster. mp3/youtube 

Norrie, Scottish Link Pipe Band of São Paulo


If Coburg Made Festivals
By SambaYaBamba on 12-Nov-08 22:37. 37 Comments - Click to add a comment

Coburg Samba Festival does it again in 2007, what an amazing time we had yet again. Over 100 bands from all over Europe and Brazil; Bloco X, Aquarela, Mangueira, Muleketu, Houba Samba, LSS the list goes on and on. SambaYaBamba and Bloco X took it in turns to rock the Hungry Highlander till the early hours every night of the festival. Roll on 2008. In the meantime we'll turn our attentions to the Wickerman Festival near Dumfries!

SYB rocking the Main Stage Schlossplatz, Coburg 2007


Brazilian Graffiti Superstars to Paint SYB Drum
By SambaYaBamba on 12-Nov-08 22:06. 63 Comments - Click to add a comment

Os Gemeos, Nina and Nunca painting Kelburn Castle

SambaYaBamba were overcome with emulsion when the world famous graffiti artists Os Gemeos, Nina and Nunca agreed to paint one of their drums!

They are in Scotland to paint the walls of Kelburn Castle near Largs in a very special and large scale art project but couldn't resist turning their spray cans on one of the band's Surdos (bass drums). The São Paulo gang are known for their vibrant contemprary style and the castle is looking absolutely stunning in it's new livery only half way through the project. SYB, the official project band will be playing there again on the 31st May but visitors can go along and check the progress at their leisure as well as enjoy the beautiful grounds.

The band wait with baited breath to see what amazing design the artists will come up with for them. Interestingly the existing drum cladding on the SYB drums is a highly manipulated take on one one of Os Gemeos older pieces.


Mestre Jonas Visits Pure Tropical Paradise
By SambaYaBamba on 12-Nov-08 21:55. 673 Comments - Click to add a comment

gie's a shot ay yer bongos big man!

It's true! The world famous samba school, Mocidade Independente's mestre came here to Glasgow to teach SambaYaBamba for a whole weekend in May 07.

In case you haven't heard of him, Jonas is one of the most respected Mestres in Rio. He's worked with samba shcools Viradouro, Salgueiro, Porta da Pedra and for the last few years has been Mestre of the bateria at Mocidade.

He has 30 years of samba experience under his belt and has previously won the golden standard for best bateria at rio carnival. He very kindly showed us loads and loads of Mocidade breaks which you will hear in our set, and we showed him Glasgow!


When Monobloco Came to Town
By SambaYaBamba on 12-Nov-08 20:42. 46 Comments - Click to add a comment

Fonzie takes us through his samba-funk arrangement in the Happy Days diner

This week SambaYaBamba played host to Rio favourites Monobloco. Four of the crazy sticksters were in town to hook up with the mighty bamba and impart some of their great wisdom. We studied samba and samba-funk the monobloco way, then took them to the Lauriston to get fried on guinness and malts.

The after-party went on till early morning with our guests performing an imprompteau samba gig on dustpan & brush, bottle tops, teapot and cupboard doors. If you haven't heard Monobloco you have to check them out, the modern funky side of Rio samba. Their website is 


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