Adult Beginners Class

A new 12 week block starts 12th Sep - 12th Dec 2017 looking at Afro-Samba and the musical Tradition f the state of Bahia in the north east of Brazil.  Newbies absolutely welcome.

Your chance to learn how to play and learn about the amazing sound of these famous Brazilian rhythms in a large group. This is suitable for beginners and musicians of other instruments alike - as well as sambistas looking for experience on other instruments. Instrumentation will be made up of surdo, caixa, repique, timba, agogo bell and chocalho (shaker). We will learn how to put the samba-reggae rhythms together, the learn some breaks and learn how to fit them together with beautiful carnaval songs from the the old days of Salvador. At the end there will be a gig where we can wow the audience with our new skills.

Tuesdays 7pm register for a 7.15 start until 9.30. £7 per class. New beginners are welcome to start, with or without musical experience. Tutors are Roddy Dickson and Doug Summers with 15+years experience. (newbies please email to let us know you are coming) SYB Rehearsal Space, Kilbirnie St, Tradeston, G5 8JD There is space for up to 40 on the course.
More info on Facebook Event page