What we are up to in summer 2015

It may not feel like summertime in Glasgow, but our samba summer is well and truly underway. 

We kicked things off, as ever, by hosting our annual samba showcase and leading the enormous West End Festival parade. This year was even better as we took part in Scotland's biggest ever street band at the end!

We've already played at some great local galas and fairs too.

Here's a rundown of what is still to come in 2015 - including some old favourites and some exciting new events. We can't wait, and hope to see you there (all links open in new window):


  • 27th June Private wedding
  • 3rd-5th July Kelburn Garden Party, Largs - still some tickets left here
  • 9th-14th July Coburn International Samba Fest, Germany
  • 25th July Rewind Festival, Glasgow - tickets here
  • 8th August Mugstock Festival, Glasgow - tickets here
  • 22nd August Marymass Festival, Irvine
  • 29th August Viking Parade, Largs
  • 6th September Private charity function
  • 9th October Juba de Leao's birthday party, Manchester