SambaJam 2019 Sat 9th March

At carnaval time we like to get all sambistas in one room to play at being in Rio, drum our socks off and explore traditional Brazilian cuisine and occasionally drinks. This year this illustrious event will take place on Saturday 9th March 2019.

It is open to all who can play Rio style samba. This mainly means SYB members, XSYB members, players from other bands, misc other. We will plan to learn material for an arrange ment of an enredo plus jam some oldies. General background knowledge of samba is expected but no specific material.

Times are approximately 12 for tamborins, 1pm for other sections. Arrangement will finnish up at 5pm.

Hopefully some folks will make feijoada and caipirinhas and there will be plenty time for socialising at lunch and afterwards.

No official fee is required but a donation of £10 or whatever you can afford will help with the costs of putting it on.