What is SambaYaBamba?

Pure, organic, dance music - powerful and irresistible. SambaYaBamba is a musical tour-de-force hailing from the sundrenched streets of tropical Glasgow. A 30-odd-piece drumming bateria and brass section rooted in the musical traditions of the Brazilian carnaval yet at the same time, very much tailored to a the Glasgow crowd. They are equally at home on a huge stage, in a street parade or in a basement club. Their set twists and turns from full scale samba to drum and bass and beyond with a tightness and commitment to the rhythm that is a joy to behold. Local legends and loved across the samba scene.

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Having begun as a community arts project in Paisley, the band has been in existence for over 20 years and has gone from strength to strengh playing an incredible roster of gigs large and small far and near including many for the national teams at both Hampden and Murrayfield, all the important festivals and legendary samba get-togethers from here to Brighton, Coburg and many more. In recent years SYB and Glasgow have been hosting the samba community, inviting bands to come and play on the streets of Glasgow in the ambitious and extremely successful Encontro Street Band Festival taking place in the Merchant City.



The organisation's mission is to spread the love of  Brazilian street music by providing access, performance and progression opportunities to all comers. This is achieved through constant beginner adult classes, brass taster sessions, dance workshops and a thriving and vibrant Youth Band.